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Bathroom Remodeling Project In The Woodlands, TX

Large Shower Remodel

When we were first called out to this home in the Woodlands TX, the homeowners already had an idea of what they wanted to do with their existing bathroom. They had a very familiar setup that we see in the Houston area, where the tub and shower were side by side, separated by a pony (half) wall. The tub took the majority of the space and the shower was about the size of a phone booth. They wanted a shower that would be easy to access with a sitting washing station. After drawing up a design, we were able to settle on the perfect solution for their needs.

Wetzel_Natural Stone_Crema Marfil_ Shower Remodel.The woodlands18

Natural Stone Shower

After going through samples, we decided the best option for this bathroom was going to be the crema marfil marble stone walls. These gorgeous slabs of stone come in 5' by 8' panels. This is a completely no grout shower solution that looks great, is easy to clean and will last forever. Our custom design included two benches, two valves, one shower head, one raincan and one hand shower. This is a shower that anyone would want in their home.

From this:


To this:

Wetzel_Natural Stone_Crema Marfil_ Shower Remodel.The woodlands19

This shower remodel has completely transformed their bathroom.

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