Tub To Shower Conversion

Most homeowners are ready to rip out their tubs that never get used and replace them with a new enlarged stand alone shower. Of course, there are a lot of options to choose from when looking to do this and it is very easy to choose the wrong contractor. When you choose the Bath Kitchen Pros, you'll be working with a contractor that deals only highly trained professionals at a very affordable price. Our tub to shower solutions are state of the art and will not only look great, but will last you a lifetime.

By taking out that old tub and replacing it with a beautiful new shower, you will be amazed by how much it can change the entire look of the room. Give The Bath Kitchen Pros a shot at your bathtub to shower conversion, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Bathtub Replacement

Replacing your tub with a shower has a lot of benefits for the value and for your overall experience. Many adults don't have time to take a bath anymore and around 95% of our work is removing tubs and replacing them with showers for all kinds of homeowners. In the realtor market they do recommend to keep at least one tub in the house. However, a big beautiful master bathroom shower is high on demand from all homeowners and home buyers.

How much does a tub to shower conversion cost?

So how much does a shower to tub conversion cost? That can vary depending on the installation and materials. Lets get the process started. When you go with The Bath Kitchen Pros for your bath renovation, you'll be working with the pros who can give you optimal service, cutting edge products at the best price. Our products are made by Americans, for Americans.

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We give our customers the HGTV experience on their bathroom remodel. Our turn key solution has been crafted to perfection so that you can relax while your home is under renovation. The Bath Kitchen Pros experience was designed to enhance the overall customer experience.

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